Communications Audit

Ideal for companies ready to optimize their marketing channels and spend.


Identify pitfalls and opportunities to take your business to the next level.

Understand exactly where you stand and get to the bottom of what’s working and what’s not with a detailed review of your communications and data-driven practical recommendations. 

The EMMS Communications Audit What's included

What’s Included:

  • Qualitative review: an in depth review of your brand on selected channels including social media, email, websites or offline, such as events or secret shopper experiences

  • Analytics review: an overview of your performance data using digital tools such as Google Analytics, social media analytics and/or other tools and platforms you may be using

  • Competitor audit: a comparative look at key competitors including core messaging, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities 

  • Detailed reporting: an extensive report including actionable recommendations to differentiate your brand and improve your marketing

  • One-on-one debrief: A two-hour in person or remote session to analyze the findings of the report and outline next steps

Basic communications audit:


from SGD 500


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