Workshop: Founder to CEO: How to become an inspiring leader!

Workshop: Founder to CEO: How to become an inspiring leader!

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Growing a business is about more than just recruiting a team.

It requires a certain mindset - the mindset of a leader that can inspire individuals to succeed and get together behind a vision to achieve your goals.

In this last workshop as part of our 2019 Entrepreneur Workshop series, we’ll focus on providing you with the tools and mindset to create your own authentic leadership brand and become a visionary leader to recruit and motivate high-performing teams and impress investors.

Topics we will cover:

  • The journey from founder to manager and visionary leader.

  • What defines inspiring leadership?

  • How to develop your executive presence.

  • How to identify your personal leadership brand and why it matters.

  • How to define your personal leadership brand.

  • How to leverage your personal brand to motivate your team and impress investors.

This workshop will be hosted together with Rebecca Craig, the founder of Be-X, a leadership consultant with a decade of global experience in talent management and leadership development.

Workshop materials and refreshments will be provided.

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