Stand out from the crowd with a solid plan of action!


How does it work? 

The EMMS Strategy Step 1

Step 1

The Fundamentals

It's easy to lose sight of the basics, such as truly understanding your objectives, your competitive landscape and positioning, as well as your target audience. In this phase, we'll make sure you have all your bases covered based on our different frameworks and tools. 

The EMMS Strategy Step 2

Step 2

The Approach

Based on the insights gleaned from the first phase, we'll design the best approach to reach your target audience by looking at where you should invest to achieve your goals, how much effort you should put into each channel and what KPIs you should be measuring.  

The EMMS Strategy Step 3

Step 3

The Message

After establishing your channel strategy, it's time to look at your messaging and your content strategy. As part of this, building your brand, will also be a priority and we will help you by designing campaign ideas to bring those key messages to life in a compelling way across channels. 


Strategy and branding is at the heart of everything we do. With our tried and tested frameworks and tools, we will help you set a clear road map to achieve your goals.