Our mission is to help you succeed!

Having conducted multiple successful workshops with partners such as WeWork, Expat Living, Word Press and more, combining entrepreneurship and marketing, we’re excited to bring you our collection of one-on-one Master Classes to help you fine-tune your skills and put the right foundation in place for your business.


How to start a successful business

90% of start-ups fail! What does it take to launch a successful business?

If you’re an entrepreneur trying to figure things out, this is for you!

During this one-on-one Master Class, we’ll work through hands-on exercises with you to adopt a new mindset and learn new tools, such as creating your elevator pitch, mind mapping, persona development and more, so that you can get the fundamentals right vital for business success!


How to create a marketing plan that works

The world of marketing can be confusing! Should you be everywhere or can you be selective? How can you get more people to buy your product or service? How should you measure success?

If you're feeling overwhelmed by marketing, this is for you!

During this two-hour hands-on Master Class, we’ll go through how to develop a marketing plan for your business step-by-step and answer any marketing questions you may have.


Facebook Marketing 101

Are you feeling frustrated with your Facebook Marketing? Not sure if it even still works? Or do you want to start with Facebook but feel unsure of what to do? Then this is for you!

During this one-on-one Master Class, we’ll go through all the fundamentals of how social media and Facebook specifically works and then step-by-step how you can use it for your business to achieve success. This Master Class is very hands-on and includes everything you need to know about Facebook Marketing from developing a content strategy to ads buying.


Should you quit your job and become an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur can be tough! It’s not for everyone - and that’s ok!

Do you have what it takes? If you’re unsure whether you should really quit your job and take the plunge, this is for you!

In this Master Class, we will go through various hands-on exercises to uncover whether you have the key traits that set successful entrepreneurs apart and what you can do to overcome the gap to still have a successful business!


Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Just as with marketing, when it comes to learning, one size doesn’t always fit all and you may need more specific support based on your circumstances. For more customised solutions, explore our Consulting Services or Contact Us with your requirements.

We will either design a custom learning experience for you or will refer you to an expert in the respective field.