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3 Myths About Branding

Branding. You know you have to do it but it may not always be clear what people mean when they talk about branding and what it exactly entails. There are a lot of myths surrounding branding. In this blog, we’ll look at three of them, so you can avoid those pitfalls on your own branding journey and create a brand that is built to grow with your business.

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Quiz: 7 signs your website needs a redesign

Not getting any sales from your website? Wondering if you need a redesign? Sometimes websites could use a rework, other times the lack of performance may be related to your marketing. Before you invest that money and time, take our quiz to find out if your site is suffering from these 7 signs!

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Why your website isn’t making any sales

One of the most frustrating things of the entrepreneurship journey is probably spending hours on your website with your developer/designer or building it yourself and then not seeing any sales. Do you need to scrap your entire site and start from scratch? Let’s figure out the answer to that question!

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