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How to use mind mapping to achieve your goals in 2019

Do you already use mind mapping? If you're busy working on your strategy for the year and feel a bit overwhelmed by all the directions you could take and the things you have to do, mind mapping can be a powerful tool to help you order your thoughts and find focus. Here's how you can do it.

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Forget New Years Resolutions! Here’s How to Set Goals and Keep Them

New year, new life! Time to make those new year’s resolutions! As useful as they may be, it seems hardly anyone actually keeps them…

Forget about resolutions! Try goal setting instead and set yourselves objectives you can achieve!

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How to Get Your Business Ready for a Successful Launch

Planning to launch a business in 2019? This tends to be an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming and it can be easy to forget about the little and yet oh so important things! Learn how to get launch ready and make a plan for success!

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The Successful Founder's Checklist

What sets successful founders apart? While having a good idea is definitely promising, it will not guarantee success. Successful entrepreneurs tend to have certain characteristics and a specific mind set. Work through our Successful Founder’s Worksheet and see if you have what it takes!

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Is my business idea good enough?

They say you never know until you try. When it comes to starting a business however, a bit of market research can go a long way to get a pretty good idea of whether or not it’s actually worth trying beforehand. That may sound tedious, but it may spare your hours of pain and disappointment. So, let’s go through the basic steps you can take to conduct preliminary market research before launching your business and ensure success!

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Should You Start Your Own Business?

Are you thinking about launching a business? Not quite sure if it’s right for you? Many of our clients have been in your shoes. Having worked with over 100 founders and companies, we find many entrepreneurs tend to fall into one of 4 categories. See if one of these describes you. Depending on the answer, you will have a different journey.

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